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Thread Lift

The non – surgical facelift is now available at LondonD Aesthetics! We use MINT (Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread). We believe these are the best on the market!

Think of a PDO Threadlift as a non-surgical facelift using an absorbable suture made of Polydioxanone (PDO). PDO sutures have been used in procedures, such as open-heart surgery for years making them very safe to introduce into the

body. PDO threads are used to create lift and volume in areas of the face and body that have begun to droop due to aging. An exceptional alternative to a face lift!

How It Works

For skin lifting, the threads are implanted subcutaneously. When tugged in the opposite direction, the barbs anchor in adipose (fat) tissue, increasing tensile strength while suspended in the dermis and overlying tissue. This produces a fibrous adhesion capsule that helps to solidify anchorage of the suture long term. Fibrosis has been shown to increase local collagen production long after the suture has dissolved! In 2020, MINT was the ONLY PDO Thread to receive FDA clearance for a NEW indication – for use in mid-face suspension procedure to temporarily fixate the cheek sub dermis in an elevated position for the purpose of nasolabial fold depth reduction.




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